Doubleplusgood for DaB staying in the fight for another round!!!

On Mon, Dec 3, 2012 at 12:49 AM, DaB. <> wrote:
Hello all,
Am Sonntag 25 November 2012, 23:44:05 schrieb DaB.:
> I have not decided yet if I will remain as root under this circumstances
> for  2013 – I will tell you my decision until next Sunday.

I promised you a decision until Sunday and while it is not Sunday anymore
where I live, for many of you still is.
First of all I would like to thank all people who have sent me emails: Thanks.

During the last week I thought about my decision several times and to be
honest I switched from staying to leave and back several times.
The toolserver consumes a big part of my free time and so the idea of leaving
was alluring. It would also de-stress me, because I would not longer need to
argue with people from WMDE and WMF. Maybe even the personal relationship with
some people of WMDE would normalize again.
On the other hand the toolserver is a important project into which I invested
much time already. Many people would dislike me if I go down without a fight
too. The toolserver is also important for WMDE and its relationship to WMF –
even if most people do not see that at the moment.
Another path of thought was optimism versus pessimism. The pessimist in me
says, that it is very sure that WMDE will find a cheap way out in 6 months when
it becomes clear that WikiLabs can not replace the toolserver – but I have no
proof for that. The optimist in me says that that is most likely but it COULD
be that WMDE is fair and the 6 months of waiting are worth that.
The third point is the question of motivation. I really like to help people –
that's the reason I started editing and sysoping in Wikipedia 9 years ago. The
idea that the toolserver helps people to do their work is the basic motivation
for me to administrate the toolserver. But when you know that all you do is
for the birds because some other people decided that the toolserver is not
welcome anymore that's not very motivational. Than again helping people for
6-12 months is better than nothing.
The forth, least significant and last point is the question of pride. Leaving
would be a form of loosing; WMDE and WMF would win. I don't like loosing and I
prefer to fight till the end for normal.

To summarize (people who scrolls down to find the result should stop here): I
will stay for another 12 months and see where it goes. The toolserver and you
all are worth my time, the toolserver is still helpful, and there is always
the possibility that WMDE will do a fair decision in summer. The way will be
rocky and I'm sure that we will see some drawbacks.

Good night everybody.


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