Recently I needed help, and I got it from DaB - a kind and fast support.†
I can't say but thanks, DaB.


2013/5/29 Marlen Caemmerer <>

> less and less work for the Toolserver until I am not longer visible. I
> announce that this early because I think it is fair for you to know that
> will happen and I like not just to vanish like some roots before.
> > [...]

JFC, what a bunch of self-pitying bullshit.

It might seem so but I dont know if anyone can imagine how frustrating this administration can be.
One tries to repair something but already when you want to start something else is broken and you first go fix it.
This happens since I am working on TS.
I guess DaB has the same problem and if this was my spare time project I probably would have quit before.

As far as I know DaB put a lot of this time into TS.

You used your
Toolserver privileges at least in the last year mainly for
political campaigning. †You neither fixed the simple issues
nor planned ahead for example the Solaris to Linux migration
that then had to be done in a jiffy, but actively blocked
any offer of help.

Well finally I think it really was a good idea to force a road map for this project.
Forcing this worked I think best from the community side.

Fixing all these little issues is really sometimes harder then it might look from the outside.

Everybody has the right to leave, but don't try to put the
blame on others. †The Toolserver users have had a *lot* of
patience with you and your quirks.

And Iím thankful for the patience.

I dont think there will be any other admin that does make no mistakes here.
The infrastructure of TS is quite flat and not always much redundancy so users will notice.
Additionally the system has such a lot of little things working together that this just happens.

And yes, it makes sense to build something new from the start as Kolossos said.

Thank you, DaB for volunteering here so patiently.

Kind regards
† † † † Marlen/nosy

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