I am sometimes having problems submitting jobs to SGE via cronie. In these cases the jobs appear to not submit properly. For example, /home/project/d/e/l/delinker/cdh.e1028584 shows the following error:

/usr/bin/cgcreate: can't create cgroup users/delinker/1028584-undefined: Cgroup, operation not allowed
cgroup change of group failed
/usr/bin/cgdelete: cannot remove group 'users/delinker/1028584-undefined': No such file or directory

The cronie entry is:
*/3 * * * * qcronsub -l h_rt=0:35:00 -l arch=* -l virtual_free=100M -N cd $HOME/bin/start-cd

It appears to not always to be a problem. Does anybody know what is going on here?