Gah, another Stupid User Problem. Sorry!


On 29 November 2012 18:33, Tim Landscheidt <> wrote:
Morten Wang <> wrote:

> Looks like this was a PEBKAC[1], should have used qcronsub and not cronsub.
> Thanks to Sumurai8 for spotting that and suggesting ways to debug if the
> problem continues!

> It appears that qcronsub doesn't allow me to specify all options in the
> shell script, though. If I specify virtual_free using #$ -l
> virtual_free=xxM I get this error:

> nettrom@willow:~$ qcronsub SuggestBot/opentask/
> Unable to run job: attribute "virtual_free" is not a memory value.
> Exiting.

> Instead I have to specify it as a command line option to qcronsub. Feature
> or a bug?
> [...]

Does it work with qsub?


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