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Marcus Buck schrieb:
How much work is it? Half an hour? A day 9am-5pm? A month 9am-5pm? I do 
not even have a vague idea about the problems that need to be solved. 
Perhaps somebody can shed some light on it?
Setting up th styles it not an issue, let's say around 1 hour. Th think 
I'm not sure about is, if we should do it on our development / toolserver.

I started a testcase with language overlays instead of complete language 
maps. This should save a lot of RAM (loading all 270+ map styles took 
~16GB of Memory only for renderd).

It's still rendering the low-zoom tiles so it is very slow. I also 
activated only three language overlays to test the setup but the other 
stlye-files are already in place.

So feel free to play around:

Great! Thanks!

Is there any way to distinguish localized placenames and unlocalized placenames (as an option)? Like unlocalized names being displayed in a different color. That would make it easier for maintainers to improve the OSM data.

Marcus Buck