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Subject: [Wikimediaindia-l] Indic-TechCom Oct-Dec 2019 Report
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Hello Everyone,

Indic-TechCom's quarterly report has been ready. Details are the following.

== Tools ==
1. Wikifile-transfer (New)- This tool helps the users to upload non-free images from one wiki to another wiki. Work on this started from CIS MediaWiki training 2019.
 *   Releasement of the tool in October 2019 (phab:T225377)

2. BookReader (New) - This tool allows users to PDF/DjVu in book format. It is mainly created for Wikisource to read the Index pages.

3Indic Wikisource Stats (Feature Added) -
  • Added monthly active users activity regarding Proofreading/Validations (phab:T241430)
  • Added newly created Hindi Wikisource in the tool (phab:T241431)

4. Indic Wikisource Contest (New) - This tool allows the Wikisource community to run the proofreading/validation contest. This was very hard to implement as it required most of the technologies like OAuth, MediaWiki API.

== UserScripts ==
1. BookReader Script - This script allows us to embed BookReader within wiki for Index pages. Currently, it enabled for Punjabi Wikisource. Bangla Wikisource is in progress of the deployment. If any Wikisource community wants this UserScript as Gadget. then they can follow these steps.

== Other == 
  • Scores is not getting Update (phab:T236953)
  • Create Portal namespace for sawikisource (phab:T235343)
  • Two logo created by User:KCVelaga.

For the update, You can keep eye on https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Indic-TechCom/Report/Oct-Dec_2019.

Thanks to Rammanojpotla, KCVelaga, Bodhisattwa, Wikilover90,  Jayantanth, and CIS-India to involving with us.

Thanks :) Regard

Developer, Indic-TechCom
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