On 11 September 2013 19:17, Dr. Trigon <dr.trigon@surfeu.ch> wrote:
Just a thought about that; might it be possible that we have a
philosophy mismatch between win (xqt, ...) and linux (me, ...) users?
Might it be possible that win users want to have "everything" included
whereas linux useres are used to have independent packages with
dependencies between them?
If this is the problem, what about having averything included e.g. in
the nightly release? I do have no idea about how nightly works and
whether this is already the case? This release would then be >100MB but
as used from python "with batteries included".

No. It's a mismatch between 'have everything needed for basic functionality in one package' versus 'it's OK if something has to be downloaded later'. Your packaging system is very useful for packages that are only needed for a few scripts, but I really don't understand why you so desperately want BeautifulSoup to *not* be included by default. It's needed for basic usage of bots and it's only 80KB (compared to almost 20M for the rest of the framework).