Thanks Masti,

I just found this at
-namespace:n Number of namespace to process. The parameter can be used multiple times. It works in combination with all other parameters except for the -start parameter. (If you want to change all pages in a particular namespace, add the namespace prefix; for example, -start:User:!.)

So I left a note at

I get the impression that the longer lists of parameters at and also have a lot of general parameters. if so, they could be added here. (Took me ages to find an explanation of the "start:" parameter, and the use of "namespace:", so a more complete page general parameters would be great.)

I would have done some work myself, but I don't understand which are general and which are not.

Thanks again. I have to say, this is the most helpful tech list I've been on.


On Tue, Aug 12, 2008 at 1:40 AM, masti <> wrote:
Chris Watkins pisze:
> Hi - how do I restrict the bot to making changes in certain namespaces?
> I can comment out certain namespaces in the family file, but that
> doesn't deal with (say) user or user_talk namespaces.
> Sorry if that's an obvious question - I thought I saw the answer once,
> but now can't find it.

restricts the bot to xxx namespace. I you want it to look for articles
in this namespace use -start:xxx:! for example


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