Hi, would you mind avoiding usingĀ carriage returns (\r)?

2014-04-09 21:52 GMT+00:00 Amir Ladsgroup <ladsgroup@gmail.com>:
Hello all,
I just finished setting up a system to update codes of core and compat (for now just updating language by size but developing this system is very easy and very soon I'll add other things)
As a result you can see this commit that has been done completely automatically and I just reviewed it, if anything goes well and if there is no objection I'll give the bot +2 access and set up a system to do the review automatically as well (like l10-bot)

I set to cron for day of 1 and 3 of every week to do this for core and compat
I will run this bot with xqt, thank you xqt!

What do you think about this?

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