I'm using replace.py to create wikilinks. Usually I want to select only the first occurrence of the search string, and my command works fine for this.

But sometimes, the first hit is not suitable (e.g. it's part of a book or course title, so I don't want to add the wikilink). If I choose n for no, the bot goes to the next page.

Is there a way I can skip to the next occurrence in the same page? I'm guessing it will need a modified version of replace.py, so that it gives an extra option besides  ([y]es, [N]o, [e]dit, open in [b]rowser, [a]ll, [q]uit)

The actual command I'm using is:

python replace.py -regex "(?si)\b((?:FOO1|FOO2))\b(.*$)
" "[[\\1]]\\2" -exceptinsidetag:link -exceptinsidetag:hyperlink -exceptinsidetag:header -exceptinsidetag:nowiki -exceptinsidetag:ref -excepttext:"(?si)\[\[((?:FOO1|FOO2)[\|\]])" -namespace:0 -namespace:102 -namespace:4 -summary:"[[Appropedia:Wikilink bot]] adding double square brackets to: FOO1|FOO2." -log -xml:currentdump.xml

Many thanks!

Chris Watkins

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