On Tue, Jun 14, 2011 at 12:28 PM, Russell Blau <russblau@imapmail.org> wrote:
That should fail; it would equally fail if you tried
   myCat = pywikibot.Category(mySite, "Garbage")
since "Garbage" is not in the Category namespace.  In other words, the fact
that the category title starts with "Wikipedia:" has nothing to do with it.

Hm, I struggle to understand why your example is supposed to fail, it attempts to create a Page object with title "Garbage" and ns=14, that's a perfectly valid page, isn't it?  (except that myCat.exists() returns False, of course, as expected)
However, this should work:
     myCat = pywikibot.Category(mySite, "Kategori:Wikipedia:Globalt perspektiv-samtliga");

Yes, that does work, so I've chosen to go with the straightforward workaround that I'll prefix any category name with site.category_namespace() and ":".  That's partly why I chose to post to the list, in case that'll just be defined as expected behaviour, I have no problem with having to qualify the names that way :)

> Creating it as a page with namespace set to 14 results in:
>    >>> myPage = pywikibot.Page(mySite, 'Wikipedia:Globalt
> perspektiv-samtliga', ns=14);
>    >>> print myPage.title();
>    Wikipedia:Globalt perspektiv-samtliga
>    >>> print myPage.namespace();
>    4
> The title's namespace overrides the given option, which itsn't what I
> would
> expect.

That one does seem like a bug.  The namespace number ought to match the
actual title.  I'll investigate further.

Thanks, let me know if there's anything I can do to help!