Thank you, André!

I think this is a week point of our system. Work of Wikipedia is based on the approach that all the mistakes are easier to correct than to prevent. A vandal may "work" on several pages to be vandalized, and I can revert them in a few seconds. Or someone writes an article with a wrong title, I can easily rename it. But here to commit the mistake is easy (one wrong iw into one article), and, by means of bots, the correction gets difficult. This is a system inversion.

We should invent a systematical solution to this problem. I thought on some hidden comment next to a wrong iw that has a meaning for the bots to pick that iw out of all articles, and never put back. Or just never into that very article. (I just got Dr. Trigon's mail in the minute, that's another approach for the same problem, also a good point to start thinking.)

(Personally, I am not good enough in Esperanto to write an article, and Ferenc Farkas, the esperantist would not be notable in any other Wikipedia -- someone who is an esperantist. :-))