One thing I didn't notice on the plan is that right now we have a lot of externals set up, some of which are also dependent on the Toolserver. Should we be converting these to git submodules? Or what?

Also, I added a comment on the page about giving all current commiters +2 since that wasn't explicitly stated, and drafted a list on the talk page of some things we should do/update after the migration (update docs, update nightlies source, etc)
-- Legoktm

On Sat, Jun 1, 2013 at 5:10 AM, Chad Horohoe <> wrote:
On Wed, May 15, 2013 at 4:19 AM, Merlijn van Deen <> wrote:
Hi Chad,

In December, I think the consensus was to move to Gerrit [1] -
basically with the goal to keep it as close as possible to mediawiki,
hopefully also easing contributions (to mw for pwb developers and vice
versa). I have put some initial work into the migration (see ), but I have not had the time to
smooth out the wrinkles.

Will you be at the Hackathon next week? I think this would be a good
topic to discuss there.



On 15 May 2013 01:37, Chad Horohoe <> wrote:
> Hi all,
> The time has finally come upon us--I'm finally moving forward with shutting
> down SVN and making it a read-only service. As Pywikipedia is the only
> consumer of SVN anymore, I wanted to reach out to the community to find
> out what everyone wants to do. As I see it, there's three courses of action
> that Pywikipedia can go in:
> 1) Move to Gerrit
> 2) Move to Git elsewhere (Github, Google Code, etc)
> 3) Move to some other SVN service
> I'm more than willing to help with any of these choices--the first two would
> involve a conversion of the history to Git, along with importing it to the
> destination of choice. Staying with SVN is also potentially possible, I'm
> more than  happy to provide full SVN dumps if someone's wanting to setup
> that service elsewhere.
> What are people's thoughts? I've not come up with a firm date yet, but
> coming to consensus sooner rather than later would be nice.
> Thanks!

So, this can be done easily, I'm just wondering when we should go
ahead with things? It'll only take a few hours, so it's just a matter
of picking a date that people are ok with.

Also, if anyone has anything they want to add to the page on,
I'd welcome the input.


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