2012/3/28 Bináris <wikiposta@gmail.com>

Another issue: á is encoded as .C3.A1. However, a literal .C3.A1 in section title will also appear the same. Is there any way to decide if .C3.A1 stands for á or for .C3.A1? I guess the likelihood of someone writing a literal .C3.A1 into the section title is very small, so this question may be theoretical, but I am a theoretical man. :-)

While this was a theoratical problem, I created a practical one. There are characters with a shorter code, such as quotation mark (.22) and parentheses (.28, .29).
Have a look at this section title:
You will see that the first two .22's (marked here with red, excuse me if this causes a problem for someone) are encoded quotation marks, while the last (blue) one a literal .22 as part of a date (Hungarian date order is yyyy. mm. dd.). I simply don't see any chance to make the difference by bot unless searching for all section titles in question (as well as anchor templates) and try to make a reverse match. So this is something very easy to spoil and almost hopeless to correct.