On Sun, Jun 2, 2013 at 5:32 AM, legoktm <legoktm.wikipedia@gmail.com> wrote:
One thing I didn't notice on the plan is that right now we have a lot of externals set up, some of which are also dependent on the Toolserver. Should we be converting these to git submodules? Or what?

If they're available via Git too, then yes, we can switch them over to Git submodules
once everything's migrated. For stuff coming from SVN, we'll have to find another
way (but it's not impossible).
Also, I added a comment on the page about giving all current commiters +2 since that wasn't explicitly stated, and drafted a list on the talk page of some things we should do/update after the migration (update docs, update nightlies source, etc)

As I said on-wiki, that sounds like a reasonable list of people to start with for having
+2 access on the repo. The group will be self-managing, so you guys can add new
people to it as you see fit. The docs/nightlies stuff is more in your guys' court, but
it's good to keep a list of such things, sure.