Hi Binaris,

2011/8/10 Bináris <wikiposta@gmail.com>
No, it is not really; if you edit the section you will see the original section title:
Editing the section is not really the relevant point. The relevant point (which I missed) is the following:

The wikitext parser understands [[Második világháború#Partraszállás Szicíliában (Huskey hadművelet)]] should be a link to http://hu.wikipedia.org/wiki/M%C3%A1sodik_vil%C3%A1gh%C3%A1bor%C3%BA#Partrasz.C3.A1ll.C3.A1s_Szic.C3.ADli.C3.A1ban_.28Huskey_hadm.C5.B1velet.29

Note that the section title is in the semi-urlencoded format. This is the only correct format; the following will not work:
http://hu.wikipedia.org/wiki/M%C3%A1sodik_vil%C3%A1gh%C3%A1bor%C3%BA#Partraszállás Szicíliában (Huskey hadművelet)

So I agree with
This one is technically correct but useless if you want to read the link during edit

but not with 
or when you move the mouse on it.

So the question is still valid: do we have a tool for unencoding them or I have to write it myself?
>>> import wikipedia
>>> p = wikipedia.Page('hu', u'wikipedia.Page("hu", u"Második világháború#Partrasz.C3.A1ll.C3.A1s Szic.C3.ADli.C3.A1ban .28Huskey hadm.C5.B1velet.29")')
>>> p
Page{[[hu:Wikipedia.Page("hu", u"Második világháború#Partraszállás Szicíliában (Huskey hadművelet)")]]}

 however, this seems broken:
>>> p.title()
Wikipedia.Page("hu", u"Második világháború#Partrasz.C3.A1ll.C3.A1s_Szic.C3.ADli.C3.A1ban_.28Huskey_hadm.C5.B1velet.29.22.29

So -- yes, the code is already there (as pwb is able to decode the section title, as indicated by the representation (returned by Page.__repr__ or Page.__str__). However, title() seems to have some bug.

Oh, and I think the fix is already in cosmetic_changes.py, too. Check def cleanUpLinks (line 314).