I changed again and the code runs if you run it this way:
import wikipedia
page.put(u"",u"BOT: TESTING FOO",wikidata={'type':u'item', 'label':'fa', 'value':'OK'})
page.put(u"",u"BOT: TESTING GOO",wikidata={'type':u'description', 'language':'en', 'value':'OK'})

You just need title now and you can change labels or description I'm working on changing sitelinks

I must thank John Blad, He helped me very kindly

On Sat, Oct 20, 2012 at 3:19 PM, <info@gno.de> wrote:
The following is a small sample just for reading a wikidata entry:

trunk version:
import wikipedia as wp
s = wp.getSite('wikidata', 'wikidata')
p = wp.Page(s, 'Q321')
data = eval(p.get()) # evaluation is needed for transform text into dictionary

data is a data dictionary. Try
for the data keys which are

['statements', 'description', 'links', 'entity', 'label', 'aliases']

rewrite branch:
# The family file was introduced one month ago and has different language codes. 'repro' is for the repository.
import pwb
import pywikibot as wp
s = wp.getSite('repro', 'wikidata')
p = wp.Page(s, 'Q321')
data = eval(p.get())

have fun with playing with that information

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> Hi everyone
> I added wikidata edits on PWB. for now it's basic and you can only change
> or add or remove labels but i have plan to imporve it.
> You can add wikidata family to your user-config.py and run a simillar code:
> import wikipedia
> site=wikipedia.getSite('wikidata',fam='wikidata')
> page=wikipedia.Page(site,"Q321")
> page.put(u"",u"Bot:
> testing",wikidata=True,labelwikidata=u"no",valuewikidata=u"Test FOO")
> I ran that and it
> worked<http://wikidata-test-repo.wikimedia.de/w/index.php?title=Q321&curid=9
> 133&diff=105698&oldid=105697>but
> if there is any bugs feel free to tell me
> Cheers
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> Amir
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