I'm Interested having commit access for  pywikipedia, my last request in this archive, which no one finally answered me, I am active in the Persian community but as I am active in many wikis, some times I invite people to translate pywikipedia framework to their language and some times I make patch for pywikipedia like this and some one else will approve it , as I told you before I have bot which is using pywikipedia framework and I sent you some example of my written code which are using in wmf projects and another reason for getting this access is I would like to improve forgotten family files like this (read header) which is making bad edits in their projects like this for example I tested that, there are several outdated namspaces in that family file which I can fix them, per these statements I request commit access for pywikipedia, if it's possible please approve me.

Thank you.