Hi xqt,

On 3 September 2013 01:36, <info@gno.de> wrote:
Could anyone explain this message please. I tried to push some changes on family files to core but it hanged until I aborted the pushing. I did not found these changes on Gerrit. How to proceed in that matter?

This message is unrelated to the family files - it was caused by my commit (https://github.com/wikimedia/pywikibot-core/commit/3e8885c3dd3fd50e57e3804d69cd2e29894f0780) which was +2ed by you. Before, it was jenkins-bot that
was the author of merge commits -- apparently it's now the +2-er (which makes very little sense to me). Anyway -  the mail should really have landed on *my* doorstep instead. I'll check with Ops to see if anything changed in the configuration.