Hi folks,

my command was: replace.py -search:korai -regex "(?i)korai éve[ki]" ifjúkora in huwiki.
It got 60 pages three times, but during the 3rd package it stopped with

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "C:\Pywikipedia\pagegenerators.py", line 1211, in __iter__
    for page in self.wrapped_gen:
  File "C:\Pywikipedia\pagegenerators.py", line 1088, in DuplicateFilterPageGenerator
    for page in generator:
  File "C:\Pywikipedia\pagegenerators.py", line 808, in SearchPageGenerator
    for page in site.search(query, number=number, namespaces = namespaces):
  File "C:\Pywikipedia\wikipedia.py", line 6524, in search
    raise NotImplementedError('%s' % data['error']['info'])
NotImplementedError: text search is disabled
text search is disabled

Why did this happen to me? :-(