I've implemented a fix for rewrite in r11680 and trunk in r11681.
-- Legoktm

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Onderwerp: [Wikidata-tech] imminent breaking change to the API
Datum: Sun, 16 Jun 2013 13:43:05 +0200
Van: Daniel Kinzler <daniel.kinzler@wikimedia.de>
Antwoord-naar: Wikidata technical discussion <wikidata-tech@lists.wikimedia.org>
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Aan: wikidata-tech <wikidata-tech@lists.wikimedia.org>, Lydia Pintscher <Lydia.Pintscher@wikimedia.de>

A quick heads up:

We have a breaking change for the API in the pipeline:
<https://gerrit.wikimedia.org/r/#/c/68406/12>. This has not been merged yet, but
I expect this to go into the next branch (to be deployed on June 24, if I'm not

It's really a fix for previously underspecified and dangerous behavior:
the editentity module would automatically create a new item when called without
giving an ID of the entity to modify.

With the patch, editentity now requires that either the 'id' parameter or the
'new' parameter be set, explicitly stating which entity to modify resp. what
kind of entity to create.

That is, bots that wish to create an item now need to provide the new=item
parameter, instead of just not supplying an id parameter. This affects all bots
that create items.

We could keep the old behavior as a B/C mode, but it's dangerous and ill
defined; I think it's better to break some bots now, it's easy to fix anyway.
But it should of course be announced in due time.

-- daniel

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