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2009/11/26 Chris Watkins <chriswaterguy@appropedia.org>

Notice that the -regex parameter is used, and the search text ends with (.*$), which matches the entire rest of the article.
Not bad, not bad. :-) Nice solution.
\\2 is strange for me, because it should be \2, and it does work that way. I thought, \\2 should be interpreted as a \ mark followed by a 2 number, not \2 (second group). So I don't understand again. :-)

I guess it's \2, but because of the regex tag, we need to escape the backslash? I don't know - it works, and I'm happy :-). Good question though, I'll keep that in mind if I ever use \\1 without the regex - probably needs to change to \1.


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