Hi everybody!
I just set this patch: https://gerrit.wikimedia.org/r/83372

It's final resolution of BeautifulSoup problem. Out of some options, I chose maintaining by hand. Why? let's take a look at the options:
1- using BS4 as an external submodule directly from their version control system: unfortunately it's not possible because BS is using Bazaar So we can't make a an exact mirror beside of that the launchpad version is not stable and they have an stable release once a while
2-using BS4 as an external from git clones: the clones in GitHub are totally maintaining by hand and are out of date, (really out of date like updated two years ago)
3-Make people to download and install BS: there is no need to explain why this is not a good option
4-Copying from the stable release and maintaining by hand: We have to update this codes once a while but we are maintaining name of namespaces in Wikipedia projects by hand, so It won't bother me (as a dev) so much and it's more available and more easier for users
I talked about this problem with some of BS devs:

Any suggestion, idea, anything! is welcome!