2010/5/27 <info@gno.de>
Is anybody invited to reduce or disable bot edits due to icelandic bot policy? I made a proposal on my talk page: http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Benutzer_Diskussion:Xqt#Please_don.27t_run_on_the_Icelandic_Wikipedia
If anybody wants to join to this discussion, you are welcome.

I also received a similar message requesting to stop my bot on that wiki:


I can't figure out their new bot policy, and I've left a message on his talk page. I'm awaiting a response.

Actually, the problem of preventing global bots to work on a wiki is not only for Icelandic Wikipedia, but also for the rest of the languages. When a bot works correcting interwiki links that point at an incorrect page, the corrections should be done to each and every language to get it fixed. Correcting it in all the languages but Icelandic will make the problem persist, and the "autonomous problem" won't be fixed.