Hi all,

The time has finally come upon us--I'm finally moving forward with shutting
down SVN and making it a read-only service. As Pywikipedia is the only
consumer of SVN anymore, I wanted to reach out to the community to find
out what everyone wants to do. As I see it, there's three courses of action
that Pywikipedia can go in:

1) Move to Gerrit
2) Move to Git elsewhere (Github, Google Code, etc)
3) Move to some other SVN service

I'm more than willing to help with any of these choices--the first two would
involve a conversion of the history to Git, along with importing it to the
destination of choice. Staying with SVN is also potentially possible, I'm
more than  happy to provide full SVN dumps if someone's wanting to setup
that service elsewhere.

What are people's thoughts? I've not come up with a firm date yet, but
coming to consensus sooner rather than later would be nice.


-Chad H.