When using replace.py without the -always parameter, I've found a serious problem: If I accidentally interrupt the operation,* I get a message like the following, "Waiting for xx pages to be put. Estimated time remaining: xxxxx" - however, it fails to make the changes, even when I leave it a long time. If I've made a lot of changes, this is a very big problem. The full output is shown below.

*I wanted to copy a page name to edit manually, and reflexively used ctrl+C to copy, but of course this is a KeyboardInterrupt. It's very ingrained habit, and realistically I'm likely to make the same mistake in future.


Do you want to accept these changes? ([y]es, [N]o, [e]dit, open in [b]rowser, [a]ll, [q]uit) Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/home/cwg/pwb/pagegenerators.py", line 763, in __iter__
    yield loaded_page

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "replace.py", line 694, in <module>
  File "replace.py", line 690, in main
  File "replace.py", line 387, in run
    ['y', 'N', 'e', 'b', 'a', 'q'], 'N')
  File "/home/cwg/pwb/wikipedia.py", line 6228, in inputChoice
    data = ui.inputChoice(question, answers, hotkeys, default).lower()
  File "/home/cwg/pwb/userinterfaces/terminal_interface.py", line 261, in inputChoice
    answer = self.input(prompt)
  File "/home/cwg/pwb/userinterfaces/terminal_interface.py", line 238, in input
    text = raw_input()
Waiting for 67 pages to be put. Estimated time remaining: 0:11:10

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