2011/7/16 <info@gno.de>

could you try this with cometic_changes switched on. I guess there ar only few script they are able dealing with FALink template like add_text.py, cosmetic_changes.py, features.py. We should expand the library to put these templates to the right position.

Sorry for the slow answer. Yes, I tried it with cc, and it didn't make this error (very interesting), but it made cosmetic changes instead and modified the edit summary that I didn't suppose to do.

2011/7/16 Andre Engels <andreengels@gmail.com>
It happens that category.py (and in general bots that work on categories) work by getting a list of the categories and interwikis, then adding or removing on the list of categories, and then re-creating the page by putting the part that is not category or interwiki on top, then the categories, then the interwikis.

The interesting thing is that category.py did not produce this behaviour earlier (this is not the first time I wanted to use it for deleting a category).