Hi Bojan,

Based on those strings, it's a bit hard to determine -- the typical method to get more information is to search through all files for the message you get, e.g.

(venv)valhallasw@lisilwen:~/src/pwb/pywikibot-core$ grep -R * -i -e 'disambiguationspage does not exist'

but this returns nothing for your errors. Could you copy-paste some more context (in windows, right-click on the icon in the top-left corner, edit, mark; then select the area with your mouse, then  right-click on the icon in the top-left corner, edit, copy), or check the verbose output, as Amir suggested?


On 22 November 2013 01:55, Bojan Kalkan <bokicak@gmail.com> wrote:
I'm getting 'last move nof defined' and disabiguationpage does not exist'. Can somebody tell me why?

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