Noticed one of my scripts failing because I tried to instantiate a category named "Wikipedia:Globalt perspektiv-samtliga" (it's in Swedish Wikipedia, here's the actual category: http://sv.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kategori:Wikipedia:Globalt_perspektiv-samtliga)

This fails:
    myCat = pywikibot.Category(mySite, "Wikipedia:Globalt perspektiv-samtliga");

The error is:
    ValueError: 'Wikipedia:Globalt perspektiv-samtliga' is not in the category namespace!

Creating it as a page with namespace set to 14 results in:
    >>> myPage = pywikibot.Page(mySite, 'Wikipedia:Globalt perspektiv-samtliga', ns=14);
    >>> print myPage.title();
    Wikipedia:Globalt perspektiv-samtliga
    >>> print myPage.namespace();

The title's namespace overrides the given option, which itsn't what I would expect.  However, if I add the category namespace prefix to the title (localised to Swedish it's "Kategori:Wikipedia:Globalt perspektiv-samtliga"), I get the right namespace and such.

Not sure if this is a bug or a feature, so I figured I'd post a note here and see if anyone had any views on it, rather than just file the bug in SF.