On Thu, Jun 6, 2013 at 1:08 AM, Maarten Dammers <maarten@mdammers.nl> wrote:
Hi Chad,

Op 5-6-2013 16:49, Chad Horohoe schreef:

Everyone seems to be ok with doing this sooner rather than later, so
how about we pencil in the date of June 14th (next Friday)?
Hold your horses please. I appreciate you putting effort in this, but I don't want to rush this. We should at least have:
* Good plan
* A timeline
* An overlapping test period

Also all our bugs are still at Sourceforge. If we're going to move, it would be good to move that to bugzilla so we have the integration. We should really think things through and not make hasty decisions.

About migrating to bugzilla see this I like to packing up these migrations but It seems other devs don't


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