I have modified the get.py modul of the pywikibot. The purpose is to display the date of creation of the article. I guessed from wikipedia.py that I need either page.getVersionHistory(), which is a list, or page.getVersionHistoryTable(), which gives the history as a wikitable.

Now it seems to work, but sometimes it gives back a shorter page history, than the real one, and, unfortunately, sometimes both methods give an empty page history, and thus en error in the program flow.

Here are some concerned pages:
[[hu:Ehrenfeld Samu]] (http://hu.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ehrenfeld_Saul) and [[hu:TCSEC]] (http://hu.wikipedia.org/wiki/TCSEC) seems to have a completely empty page history, which is not true and results in an error. (Theoretically, no article could exist with an empty history.)
[[hu:Mark VII]] (http://hu.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mark_VII) displays only one line, just as it had a single-edit history.

Where is the mistake?

I attach proba.py which is the modified version of get.py. I hope you will not take my head for that, it's very small. :-) The Hungarian comments are not relevant, the essence is written here. An article can be given as a command line parameter.