I have tested your code, with the bz2 and 7z dumps, and I get titles with None value. The first one is the same error that apperas in my code.

Reading XML dump...
None 2004-10-10T04:24:14Z

I have the last version of pywikipediabot and Python 2.6.5 (r265:79063, Apr 16 2010, 13:09:56). Probably, it can be a error of Python or cElementTree. What are your versions?

2010/10/5 Russell Blau <russblau@hotmail.com>
"emijrp" <emijrp@gmail.com> wrote in message

> I think that there is an error in xmlreader.py. When parsing a full
> revision XML (in this case[1]), using this code[2] (look at the
> try-catch, it writes when fails) I get correctly username,
> timestamp and revisionid, but sometimes, the page title and the page
> id are None or empty string.

I have been completely unable to replicate this supposed error.  I
downloaded the same kwwiki dump file that you referenced.  I loaded it with
xmlreader.XmlDump, ran it through the parser, and counted the number of
XMLEntry objects it generated: 4711.  Then as a test I opened the same dump
as a text file and counted the number of lines that contain the string
"<page>": 4711.  So the parser is correctly returning one object per page
item found in the file.

Next I ran the parser again with a script that would print out a message if
any XMLEntry object had a missing title (None or empty string); no messages.

Then I searched for the specific page entry you showed in your pastebin item
[3]. The result of this test is shown at [4]. In short, it found exactly the
page title you said was missing.

I cannot explain why your results are different than mine, unless perhaps
you have a corrupted copy of the dump file, or are not using the current
version of xmlreader.py.


[4] http://pastebin.ca/1955170

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