I'm hoping for a tool to help clean up a spammed wiki. (We are merging with Ekopedia, and en.ekopedia.org has more spam than genuine pages.) Has anyone created such a script?

If not, then the way I imagine it is:
* Find pages with exactly one editor and at least one link
* Display title, a chunk of text and the link(s)
* Offer to delete the page.

A few years I asked about finding pages with one editor and received some good suggestions (but ended up using AbuseFilter instead).

Bináris suggested an editor list and requiring that len(editorlist)==1

Merlijn suggested a database query - I don't know where to start with that. http://osdir.com/ml/python-pywikipediabot-general/2012-03/msg00031.html

I have learnt since very basic python since then...