Dear Pywikibot user,

The Wikimedia Foundation recently [1] pushed MediaWiki 1.24wmf2 to all sites. This version contains a change [2] which causes two problems:
    - For compat, bots will edit as anonymous user;
    - For core, bots will ask for a password at each script invocation.
This bug is tracked on Bugzilla:

A change fixing this bug [3] has been merged, but it has not been deployed yet. This should happen tomorrow, Monday, May 05, 15:00–16:00 UTC [4,5].

In the meanwhile, we suggest to not use compat until the fixed MediaWiki version has been deployed. For core, you can work around this bug by creating a password file, as documented at [6].

Best regards,
Merlijn and Maarten

[1], testwiki, test2wiki and testwikidatawiki on 24 April 2014; All non-Wikipedia sites on 29 April 2014; All Wikipedias on 1 May 2014 ( )