Hi folks,

a new stable release 3.0.20180770 was deployed which is available at pypi (as side package without scripts) or from our repository with the tag "3.0.20180710". The following changes where made since 3.0.20180603:

* Enable any LogEntry subclass for each logevent type (T199013)
* Deprecated pagegenerators options -<logtype>log aren't supported any longer (T199013)
* Open RotatingFileHandler with utf-8 encoding (T188231)
* Fix occasional failure of TestLogentries due to hidden namespace (T197506)
* Remove multiple empty sections at once in cosmetic_changes (T196324)
* Fix stub template position by putting it above interwiki comment (T57034)
* Fix handling of API continuation in PropertyGenerator (T196876)
* Use PyMySql as pure-Python MySQL client library instead of oursql, deprecate MySQLdb (T89976, T142021)
* Ensure that BaseBot.treat is always processing a Page object (T196562, T196813)
* Update global bot settings
* New mediawiki projects were provided
* Bugfixes and improvements
* Localisation updates

For older changes refer HISTORY.rst.

Also a lot of improvements for scripts where made like:

* Adding variable semester to as a value to archivebot.py
* listAlternatives method was removed in solve_disambiguation.py
* L10N updates in welcome.py and commonscat.py
* RedirectBot derives from ExistingPageBot and RedirectPageBot
* Allow to use a file for description in upload.py
* New options -textonly and -title for pagefromfile.py (please refer the -help doc)

and some more.

Note that previous deprecated pagegeneratots options <logtype>log like movelog are no longer supported with this release. Use -logevents instead.

Some methods where deprecated but are still working. You may run your private scripts in debugging mode to find out deprecated parts. Also please remember that support for Python 2.7.2 and Python 2.7.3 may be dropped in near future (see Phabricator task T191192)

By the way older releases of pywikibot are still reachable through the release tag. This could be imported if older Python or Mediawiki versions are no longer supportable.

Many thanks to all contributors and reviewers for their improvements and ideas, also thanks to all bot owners sharing this framework, also for bug reports and feature requests.