Hi folks,

a new stable release "3.0.20190722" was deployed which is available at pypi (as side package without scripts) or from our repository with the tags "3.0.20190430" and "stable". There was a long time between this stable branch and the previous one. The main reason was the implementation of sitelink badges and the implementation of closed wiki access which needed some additional work to get all tests passing.

Please note that the last release is always tagged with the "stable" tag. For production systems you should always use this branch instead of master branch because master is under perpetual development (see T217908 at phabricator). PAWS is also based on the stable tagged release.

There are currently 96,697 lines of code.

The following changes where comming with this change:

Important changes which needs operator's attention:

* Deprecation warning: support for Python 2 will be dropped in 2020 (T213287). Please update your Python.

* deprecate test_family, use wikipedia_family: Site('test', 'wikipedia') instead (T228375, T228300). To have access to test wiki you should instantiate the site object by Site('test', 'wikipedia') instead of Site('test', 'test'). The old method can be used further but can be dropped.

* remove the unimplemented "proxy" variable in config.py. You should remove it from user-config.py too.

Other changes:

* Increase the throttling delay if maxlag >> retry-after (T210606)
* deprecate test_family: Site('test', 'test'), use wikipedia_family: Site('test', 'wikipedia') instead (T228375, T228300)
* Add "user_agent_description" option in config.py
* APISite.fromDBName works for all known dbnames (T225590, 225723, 226960)
* Make Family.langs property more robust (T226934)
* Remove strategy family
* Handle closed_wikis as read-only (T74674)
* TokenWallet: login automatically
* Add closed_wikis to Family.langs property (T225413)
* Redirect 'mo' site code to 'ro' and remove interwiki_replacement_overrides (T225417, T89451)
* Add support for badges on Wikibase item sitelinks (T128202)
* Remove login.showCaptchaWindow() method
* New parameter supplied in suggest_help function for missing dependencies
* Remove NonMWAPISite class
* Introduce Claim.copy and prevent adding already saved claims (T220131)
* Fix create_short_link method after MediaWiki changes (T223865)
* Validate proofreadpage.IndexPage contents before saving it
* Refactor Link and introduce BaseLink (T66457)
* Count skipped pages in BaseBot class
* 'actionthrottledtext' is a retryable wikibase error (T192912)
* Clear tokens on logout(T222508)
* botirc.IRCBot has been dropped
* Avoid using outdated browseragents (T222959)
* textlib: avoid infinite execution of regex (T222671)
* Add CSRF token in sitelogout() api call (T222508)
* Refactor WikibasePage.get and overriding methods and improve documentation
* Improve title patterns of WikibasePage extensions
* Add support for property creation (T160402)

For older changes refer HISTORY.rst.

Also some changes for scripts where made like:

* A lot of commoncat messages got twn support (219094)
* script_wui.py was dropped and moved to archive folder (T222759)
* default sign was added to welcome.py (T223044)
* Quit option was added to disambredir.py (T223048)
* Use additional twn messages with checkimages.py (T220178)
* redirect.py does no longer fail for RuntimeError retrieving missing redirects (T130911)
* Make transferbot.py continue when targetpage cannot be edited by bots or page does not exist (T223816)
* Make coordinate_import.py work on a set of Wikidata items (T220806)
* Implement -overwrite option in create_categories.py (T220305)
* Enable choosing protect level with check_protection_level in protect.py (T225448)
* Move categories without leaving a redirect which is the new default behaviour if suppressredirect right is available (T150093)
* Namespace identifier can be ommitted for -start option for checkimages.py (T217824)

Thanks all contributors for this code changes and all reviewers for their importand code checking and submitting it to the repository. Also thanks for all bug reporters and other persons who gave their valueable comments on phab tasks.