2011/3/3 Andre Engels <andreengels@gmail.com>

In the past the pywikibot output was indeed rather slow when there was
much to transliterate, but the problems on that point have already
been resolved in my edit #6275, from January 2009, when
transliteration was changed from a sequence of elifs to a dictionary.
So, I found the case when it becomes extremely slow, anyway. Have you ever tried to pywikibot.output a wikitable with 3000 rows? :-) I have.

I began to write a new bot that creates TOC from the archives of a given community page or talk page. Its description page will be at http://hu.wikipedia.org/wiki/Szerkeszt%C5%91:BinBot/TOCbot. Some examples at the bottom of http://hu.wikipedia.org/wiki/Szerkeszt%C5%91:BinBot/kocsmatartalomfejl%C3%A9c.

This is why I started a thread here called "Date questions". Can anyone help? It would be good to make this bot available to the wider wikicommunity, not only for huwiki.