Thank you.

I have another problem with CC :

Some sections are removed but I don't see what is different from the others. It just appends when CC are on.

I have never found how to edot phabricator to leave a comment or creating a task. But I think that the removal of empty sections should be with opt-in option.



2018-08-18 12:48 GMT+02:00 Dalba <>:
The crash on header comments issue is now resolved.[1]
Regarding the removal of entire sections not being a cosmetic change,
have a look at the comments on the original task[2] where this was
introduced and if you still think that it should not be part of CC
toolkit, please consider leaving a comment there, reopening the the
task, or creating a new one. I guess we could also make it an
opt-in/opt-out option via


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