I am ready! I will upload it today, after a few more tests.

> -save writes and appends (primary mode)
> -savenew writes and overwrites
This is the final. We can write the titles into a file, and this will make the work much faster and more comfortable! No more many thousand dummy edits of my subpage for preparing replacements, no more waiting for the server, no more spamming the bot's contribution list. This was my dream.

You can upload the ready list to a wikipage as a numbered list with one edit, if you want to use it online with -links, or you can directly work from it with -file.

The script also writes a dissection line after every 100 title. This is useful if, e. g., you have 3000 titles to work on and after processing 1000 items you want to clear your file and you have to find the actual title. I have done this many times, that's why I know this is important.

For that, I had to implement an editcounter. So why not use it when making the real replacements? Replace.py now writes the number of pages edited upon ending its task or quitting with "q". Not applicable with ctrl C. Here is a little bug, the counter cannot check if put_async _will_ be successful.

Enjoy. :-)