On 29 July 2013 20:29, Dr. Trigon <dr.trigon@surfeu.ch> wrote:
To make it clear; I vote for automated style checks in order to act
for us (the developers - humans) as an additional help and source of
info (e.g. about the code "quality" or "conformity"). I AM STRICTLY
failing style checks to prevent us from merging the code!

That would make the bot completely useless, as code that does not pass causes pep8 to fail could enter the repository and thus make all further patches /also/ fail the test.

We *should* set the bot to voting. If there is a special case that does not pass pep8, either decide whether it is a general case (and disable that pep8 warning) or whether it is a local case (and add # noqa to the end of the line). In both cases, the bot will tell you the code passes validation (because, well, you told it to ignore the non-valid part), and the change can be merged.