Sorry, that's my fault. While trying to figure out the Travis issue yesterday, I tried to get an overview of the different branches usingĀ git log --graph --oneline, which gave me something like this:

As I couldn't think of a reason why merging is better than rebasing, and rebasing would give a much easier to understand commit log, I changed Gerrit's '+2' setting from 'Merge if necessary' to 'Rebase if necessary'.

Apparently there *is* a reason why merging is better :-) so I have reverted my change. My apologies for breaking your workflow!


On 30 May 2017 at 06:19, <> wrote:

Hi folks,

what might be the reason that jenkins-bot rebases all my changes when submitting them with CR+2 since yesterday?

This mixes up my local repository and breaks dependencies of patches.



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