No, It just a simple and a test code

On 2011/02/08 12:07 ق.ظ, Maarten Dammers wrote:

Op 7-2-2011 15:22, MJB schreef:
Hello , Tim Starling told me that i can ask here to approve me for commit access, i am working always with python and as i am working in Persian community, my codes is about working on Persian Wikis you can see a summary here and i would like to work on localization and some minor edits that would be helpful, here is example of my codes :


This is a simple code that create date category pages and templates, my user name in wmf projects is Mjbmr and i have a bot with Mjbmrbot username that it have a global flag, I hope you accept my request,  Regards -- Mjbmr
Do you always name variables like that?


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