Hi folks,

a new stable release "3.0.20190430" was deployed which is available at pypi (as side package without scripts) or from our repository with the tags "3.0.20190430" and "stable".

Please note that the last release is always tagged with the "stable" tag. For production systems you should always use this branch instead of master branch because master is under perpetual development (see T217908 at phabricator).

The following changes where comming with this change:

* Don't fail if the number of forms of a plural string is less than required (T99057, T219097)
* Implement create_short_link Page method to use Extension:UrlShortener (T220876)
* Remove wikia family file (T220921)
* Remove deprecated ez_setup.py
* Changed requirements for sseclient (T219024)
* Set optional parameter namespace to None in site.logpages (T217664)
* Add ability to display similar scripts when misspelled (T217195)
* Check if QueryGenerator supports namespaces (T198452)* Bugfixes and improvements
* Localisation updates

For older changes refer HISTORY.rst.

Also some improvements for scripts where made like:

* Fixed AttributeError at newitem.py script (T217513)
* Add ability to display similar scripts when misspelled in pwb.py (T217195)
* Terminate create_categories.py script if mandatory options aren't given (T220261)
* Fix regression: archivebot.py should preserve h1 headers (T221445)