SVN - I think we should be moving away from it. If we switch to a host that has specialized GIT+SVN support, it will be hard to move away to another provider that doesn't have elaborate SVN features.

Agree with Martin re moving closer to API & MW in general. Hosting on MW gives us a very different status than 30+ MW API libraries on the web. We should be using our expertise in building the core product, and reduce user's confusion of which one to pick (all else being equal).

Auto-build & test - would love that. I have already set up a labs project mediawiki-api, we could do major experimentation there.

Gerrit is hard, true, but with time we will build enough documentation to make it easy. Also I wonder if we will be able to use MW hosting without Gerrit - by allowing direct master commits.


On Wed, Dec 26, 2012 at 10:45 AM, Maarten Dammers <> wrote:
Hoi Merlijn,

Op 26-12-2012 13:28, Merlijn van Deen schreef:

Hello all,

As you might know, the Wikimedia Foundation (WMF) has moved most
Mediawiki (MW)-related repositories from svn version control to git +
gerrit. As a consequence, the WMF also wants to stop running their svn
server - which is the server we are using.
No planned date yet so we don't have to rush anything.

Now the question is: where do we want to move to, and what version
control system (vcs) do we want to use? Do we find that the WMF
gerrit-based system is user-friendly and easy enough? Do we care about
having svn-based access?

I think there are a few options we can consider:

1) go with the gerrit flow: convert the repository to git and host the
repositories with the WMF. This has the advantage of having the
repository in a practical place (with all the other MW related

2) move to github: convert to git, and host the repository at github.
This has the advantage of the user-friendlyness of github, but also
gives us SVN access. We can always easily move to WMF-based hosting
once we feel it is user-friendly enough: the github repository will
then just mirror the WM=F-hosted repository.
-1, I would like to keep everything together in one central place, don't scatter it all over the internet. Kill Sourceforge and have everything like Mediawiki.
It's not that I like Gerrit and Bugzilla that much, but I hate to be on yet another website.
One of the things to consider too is the automatic testing. We could slowly start deploying that so every commit gets checked and maybe in the future we're able to detect stuff like . We should be moving closer to Mediawiki and the api, not away from it.

3) move to another SVN host. This is easier (we don't need to convert
any repository), but it also means that it will be hard to move to
WMF-based hosting when we want. In addition, we don't get the nice
things git gives us: easy branching and easy patch submission ('pull
-1, per above.


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