2014-06-24 3:00 GMT+02:00 John Mark Vandenberg <jayvdb@gmail.com>:

> 2) Why some scripts (such as blockpageschecker.py) are executable , while
> the others (such as archivebot.py) are not?

IMO they should all be executable as they have a main block.
What happens if a Windows user uploads a new script? I don't have experience with Linux.

> 3) Why don't we always use async=True with all scripts? I admit that I don't
> know whether async has a negative impact, so I asked it here. Anyway, I
> think that we can add async=True to touch.py, for example, without causing
> any problem.

No idea.  async does use different exception handling, and it probably
isnt properly covered by the unit tests.
Checking the result of command is more complicated in async mode, isn't it?

> 4) Which one is preferable between "summary" and "reason"? I think this
> topic was previously discussed before, but I can't remember the final
> resolution.

The codebase also uses 'comment', even in the config file.


The API uses 'summary' and the webpage UI uses 'edit summary' - I
think 'summary' should be the preferred terminology.

For blocking/unblocking/protecting/unprotecting reason is the appropriate word. For page editing, summary. This is also the way MW itself uses for human users.