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Hi AntiCompositeNumber,

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When did Pywikibot become a package manager?
It's not a package manager, it just expects certain dependencies. If
you checked your installed packages using `pip check`, you would get a
similar message.
The dependency is requests. It works with old versions, it shouldn't complain about newer ones if old ones work.

It does not. See for example.

What's the point of this?
To get you to stop using an insecure, out-of-date dependency.

That's the job of the package manager, not Pywikibot

Good point. Package manager does it if you install Pywikibot as side package. But you are able to use Pywikibot in directory mode and install it from nightly or git or svn repository. In that case dependencies weren’t checked in past. Now package manager is used to validate dependencies for this case.