<info@gno.de> ezt írta (időpont: 2021. jún. 3., Cs, 11:14):

Current release of Wikimedia cluster is 1.37.0.-wmf.7 and you should expect problems with old tokens soon if you still are using compat release.

I have restored the compat2core script which can be used for the conversion.
Yes. I have seen. :-)
  Convert each script from compat to core step by step and do not hesitate ask (me) for any help. I did the same in past; now all my scripts are converted. 

OK, I am going to start with that, and thank you very much!
To convert my own replace.py is much easier than to add all features to community version.
Now I have to return from far, far to understand the new concepts and being a developer again.

Additionally, I failed to install Python 3.9 on my Win7, it requires >=8.1. No I am installing 3,7 and I hope it will be supported for a long time.