I would like to get an SVN access and some help to start.

I need it mainly for inserting and maintaining TOCbot that is under preparation (it has worked in huwiki for several months and is now being internationalized).
Information about TOCbot: http://hu.wikipedia.org/wiki/Szerkeszt%C5%91:Bin%C3%A1ris/TOCbot
Description, user guide and bot owners' guide and a collection of examples is ready as well as an auxilary script, while the main script is not yet public. It will soon be published for test and may need much care in the first time.
I would also like to take part in maintenance of replace.py for what I worked a lot already.
At the moment I am interested only in trunk version.

My SF page: http://sourceforge.net/users/binbot/ -- I don't know how to list all my contributions, here appears a part of them since May 22, but there are much more. I have also been active on mailing list in the past years. Please support and give me technical help to use the system.