I was a bit incorrect when I said that there are 4000+ files, there are 4000+ articles with non-existent files.

I also can generate list of files to unlink through one of the special pages, but don't know what way will be easier and more efficient: working on the list of articles and removing all red links to files or generating list of files and unlinking them.

Anyway, my request will end up in bugzilla as I am not able to amend such script myself :)


10.05.2014 0:10 пользователь "Merlijn van Deen" <valhallasw@arctus.nl> написал:
Hi Rubin,

On 9 May 2014 21:09, rubin.happy <rubin.happy@gmail.com> wrote:

So, are there any ready methods/scripts to do this task? Ru.wiki has about 4000+ files with red links to files and such a bot would be really helpful...

Do you have a list of the files that should be unlinked, or should all non-existing images be unlinked? The first case is easy, the second one is harder, but can still be done easily as long as the Toolserver is still online.

Basically, the trick would be to combine the existing Delinker class with something that feeds it a list of files to remove; the basic syntax for something like that would be

Delinkers = threadpool.ThreadPool(Delinker, self.config['delinker_instances'], self)

for file in files_to_remove:
    Delinkes.append(file, ...some other parameters..., replacement=None)

as for the other parameters, you'd have to check the Delinker code -- I don't think there are docs, unfortunately.


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