2010/10/23 Merlijn van Deen <valhallasw@arctus.nl>
On 23 October 2010 12:13, Bináris <wikiposta@gmail.com> wrote:
quitting with "q". Not applicable with ctrl C. Here is a little bug, the counter cannot check if put_async _will_ be successful.

It can.

    def put_async(self, newtext,
                  comment=None, watchArticle=None, minorEdit=True, force=False,
(...)  callback: a callable object that will be called after the page put operation; this object must take two arguments: (1) a Page object, and (2) an exception instance, which will be None if the page was saved successfully.
Just make sure you know how to do multithreading, or this will come back to bite you. (No, incrementing a global variable is not the right way.)

I tried to learn and read this threading stuff in order to have a correct editcounter. (If was quite a time ago, so someone might forget the topic: I created an editcounter in class ReplaceRobot of replace.py and was disappointed with my counter not listening to the failure of put_async.

Now I created a callback function:
    def lacika(self, page, err):
        if err is None:
            print u'%s saved successfully' % page.title() #for debug
            print 9999999
            self.editcounter -= 1
            print self.editcounter

Now I ran four tests:
1. Successful save, it's OK.
2. After loading the page, while replace.py waits for my choice, I protected the page. Result:
1 page was changed. <-- message from main process
Updating page [[Szerkesztő:BinBot/semmi]] via API
9999999 <-- just a test message from callback
0 <-- New self.editcounter, correct, but too late
Here comes my first problem. As far as I understood, I should use join to make the main process wait for put_async. But put_asyn is taken from wikipedia.py. How can I use join here, where should I write it? Could someone write a simple example to make the bot wait for put_async?

3rd test: I created an edit conflict with the same result. (I made the bot to write err instead of 9999999, it's OK.)

4th test: After loading the page, while the bot is waiting for my choice, I delete the page. This seems to be a bug:
1 page was changed.
Updating page [[Szerkesztő:BinBot/semmi]] via API
Unknown Error. API Error code:missingtitle
Information:The article you tried to edit doesn't exist
Szerkeszt<:BinBot/semmi saved successfully
First, the error is not handled, second, callback got None for error and reported a false success.